This is the first book printed.  I now have only one available. 
The second book includes everything in this book below, plus paintings through 2014.  Only 2 of these available.  It has  over 300 prints and is $125.00.

The publisher is no longer in business so all I have are the 1 of the first book and two of the larger ones.

Front of book which has a black border.
Back of book.
Typical inside pages with glossy black background.
Close-up of left side of a page with names of the Flower Shoes.
Close-up of the right side of a page with glossy black border.

The first book is a high quality (120 lb Premium paper),  picture book of some of my prints.  It is a hard bound book with approx. 175 prints on 36  pages. 

The size is 8 1/2 x 11".  It is truly a picture book with no writing or table of contents except for the names of the prints.  I tried to group the Flower Shoes in alphabetical order.  If you love the Flower Shoes, you'll love the book. These are pictures painted prior to and including the year 2012.

The pictures here show the front and back of the dust jacket,  A photo of the open book showing the 9 small prints on the left and the large print on the right which is typical through out the book. 

Price $80.00

(Let me know if you want me to sign the book before shipping.)


NOTE:  The price indicated here is MY COST with shipping from the publisher to me.  If you are interested in having a book, contact me at
OMG, my book got here yesterday.  Mom loved her shoe and thank you so much for my new shoe. I already know where it will go. 

How beautiful that book is.  Mom and I sat with our coffee and looked together.  Mom was beside herself, she just could believe how beautiful all of your work was, it was like her going thru a custom jewelery book.  I want to thank you for giving my mother and I a wonderful mother daughter moment that we will never forget. Your book was one of those priceless times.

Thank you honey,
Donna P.

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