List of Birthday Month Flowers


If you are looking for a birthday gift for some one, here is the list of the birthday flowers for each month.

January - Carnation - Red, Pink or White

February - Violet or Iris - Purple

March - Daffodil - Yellow

April - Daisy or Sweet Pea - Pink or Purple

May - Lily of the Valley - White

June - Rose - Various

July - Larkspur or Tulip - Pink or Purple

August - Gladiolas or Poppy - Various

September - Aster or Morning Glory - Various

October - Calendula, Marigold, or Cosmos - Orange

November - Chrysanthemum - Various

December - Holly or Poinsettia

 Personalized note cards make great gifts too.
Other occasions that art can be purchased for :

- anniversaries

- baby shower (child's room)

- birthdays

- christening gifts

 - Christmas gifts

- co-worker gifts

- engagement gifts

- wedding gifts

- gardener gifts

- hostess gifts

- new home

- personalized gifts

- the gift of art, just because

- Valentines Day


Amaryllis: drama

Apple Blossom: promise

Aster: contentment

Azalea:  abundance

Begonia: deep thinking

Carnellia: graciousness

Carnation:  Pink - gratitude, Red - flashy

Cosmos:  peaceful

Daffodil:  chivalry

Daisy:  innocence

Gardenia:  joy

Geranium:  comfort

Gladiolus:  strength in character

Hydrangea:  perseverance

Iris:  inspiration

Lilac:  first love

Magnolia:  dignity

Marigold:  desire for riches

Orchid:  delicate beauty

Pansy:  loving thoughts

Passion Flower:  passion

Ranunculus:  radiant

Rose:  Pink - admiration/appreciation

Rose:  Red: passionate love

Rose:  White - purity

Rose: Yellow - friendship

Sunflower:  adoration

Sweetpea:  shyness

Wisteria:  steadfast

Zinnia:  thoughts of friends


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