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THE BOOK - First Edition ONLY 1 book left - 36 pages

$50.00 $80.00

The book is a high quality (120 lb Premium paper), picture book of my prints.  It is hard bound book with approx.175 prints on 36 pages.  This book was printed in 2012 but didn't include all of my paintings.  (See my other books for complete work through 2012.) When ordering,   The size is 8 1/2 x 11".  It is truly a picture book with no writing or table of contents except for the names of the prints.  I tried to group the Flower Shoes in alphabetical order.  If you love the Flower Shoes, you'll love the book. 

NOTE:  The price indicated here was MY COST with shipping from the publisher to me.  If you are interested in having a book and have questions, contact me at flowershoes@comcast.net.

I'm sorry to say that dust jackets are no longer available but the book comes with a plastic envelope for protection.


The pictures here show the front and back of the book.   A photo of the open book showing the typical 9 small prints on the left and the large print on the right which is typical through out the book.  The other two pictures are close-ups.

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